Thursday, December 30, 2021

Springtime Sophie

 Today a little Spring time dress-up impro yeah - perfect for a new Years post when frost finally came to England ;-)

Thanks Dog my Insta (@roroDolls) is more up to date with the current affairs and this session is nearly two years old and very much screams Pandemic!

Recipe for success? Let me see - crazy clothes, something floral, something purple...and some green hair!

Here she is my Spring Princess!

So Insta ready! Glowing / Outshined!! LOL

Piercing blue eyes, mossy hair and wild strings of pastel pearls...

let's go outside to play!

Here she is admiring my crest...

Early forget-me-nots...

pensive in primulas...

...and happy yellow flowering nettle family and friends...

rolling in grass!

...BUT MAKE IT FASHION...'s raining?
Let's recreate a flowery meadow with floral vintage fabric
 (you promised to turn into doll's spring attires...ages ago!)

Whatever season it is right now...when you read it....

Happy Easter and enjoy your Spring!!


Sunday, December 26, 2021

Office fashion

Today yet another cool idea for a photo shoot that came out from monday4dolls instagram challenge (02.03.20) - ironicly, as posted just before lockdowns - it is office themed as on of the authors was coming back to work after her maternity leave and a whole online doll community cheered her !

There she is Mackie out of her sockie and into one of my prototype grey power suits!
Rebodied onto Liv doll body hence height difference...
Office must be a state owned agency judging on rather shabby and vintage equipment LOL
(yes, yes I must get my dolls a proper laptop at last!!)

Here they carpet - characteristic to all institutions...
...and my smart looking team.
I kept changing my mind so Macke played both role of a boss and spaced out apprentice LOL


...and I watched enough episodes of Madman to know that alcohol is essential!

Pt 1: Instagram friendly square pics of mackie in charge with her flip cell!!

Coffee, a lot of it. Coffee at desk is boss' priviledge.

...oh, her rose gold Nokia never stops ringing...

...but what if roles shifted....
maybe pastel Mackie is more timid in fact and has tendency to daydream during office hours...?

her - Barbie is the boss now, and has one hot assistant...

Everyone is very attentive and passionate about their office roles....Mackie is plotting her afternoon nap and plans what she will cook for dinner, mmmm

...zoning out....



OUT! hahahhaha!

oh well...luckily it's lunchbreak soon...


Thumbs up to our Office Heroes!


Monday, December 20, 2021

Pink (My dolls No 190)

In todays episode of monday 4 dolls - the one, the only... the one to rule them all...

Love it or hate it 


Barbie's official colour...

 Traditionally let's start with a flatly - my favourite!
...not bad at all for someone who avoids pinks...

...and somewhat more focused one...

First to be presented is rebodied contemporary Teen Skipper, here with pink hair streaks 
wearing maxi strapless hot pink dress and Hasbro Sindy hairbiece!

oh, I actually draped it for photoshoot!

Pointes are always a nice sentimental. ultra pink touch...

here is another Skipper fashionista in mesmerising pile of glittery powder pink tulle

...and vintage lacy cropped lingerie top...

,,,,finished off with pink glasses - a pair always worth having!

...last but not least - a more contemporary take on pinks presented by lovely beach Teresa I don't get out too often despite her lovely gentle make-up.

...aaand a group photo.


Finally an extra!
My No 190 is doll
Charity shop survivor
that I once did not buy on bootsale  and have regreted for years!

Platinum blonde Mackie as a pilot.

wearing burgundy sockie dress and being pinky enough to be featured in todays post...