Thursday, March 26, 2020

Mega Turbo Vintage Pack, vol 1

Sooo I did it again....

I spotted a huge Barbie lot on consisted of late 80 very superstar goodies, lots of mixed accessories (nothing more exciting and full of potential) and Benetton line clothes and furniture that i have huge soft spot for...bordering with deep unfulfilled scarred tissue of desire....
oh i'm not being dramatic - you get me...

so it arrived on 03.04.19 - box has been just waiting patiently in front of my flat till I came back from work. It was my child-free evening so i decided not to be patient and pretend i have any self-doll-control for once and put it in queue in order of appearance, oh no!

Due ti number of items, pictures and all of the extra googled identification pics I decided to split  this post in two parts (edit - three actually!).

Today i'll present accessories and all other plastic delights...

 are you ready....?
despite the fact it all happen almost year ago i still feel the thrill...
so many items that i still didn't have occasion to use!

Layers and layers of goodies!

general view....
as i've been trying to sort it and bag it in subcategories...

shoes first, what we've got here...
??!! male and female ice-skating shoes!!

Barbie Benetton sneakers and classic 'Minnie' pumps -
look at the pearly mint ones!

Pedegree Sindy so 80's ankle boots and priceless slippers...

...and a handful of kiosk clone ones (oh the memories!)

Next, I managed to select collection of Sindy's 'copper' pots and pans

Sindy breakfast tray and wide selection of soooo vintage groceries...
- like funky eggs and psychodelic milk LOL *

so tacky and against everything I like in dolls - natural, realistic and played down look, hihihi

Next a wide selection of hangers and laundry pegs, curlers and candlesticks!!
Hours of play!

Next - stay steel my 8 years old heart!!! 
- a range of pink and white, mostly genuine Barbie pots and containers!
egg cups? safari Barbie plates?

pink and turquoise combination is everything.....
look at this selection of vintage audio and a causal Barbie telescope LOL

this one is great - ear muffs, sunshade...three bunches of Sindy/Fleur flowers...
skeleton only of the the glowing starry Barbie parasol...times two!? my wildest childhood dreams i couldn't imagine genuine coca-cola miniatures!
and doll ukulele!? and gold cushion...oh why not!

more miniature brushes and face-creams and 61 year old doll might need...
and Benetton Barbie blue ring??

AND last but not least selection of bags and purses - i never had any of the hold ones before - good things come to those who six at time LOL
...with coca-cola, tennis and hello-kitty on top
(silver belt belongs to Ping Jubilee set, black bag is from haute couture fashionpack ill identify in following post, th eyellow 

in process of identifying and lucky accidents i managed to find this original packaging with my uke!
walkman and casette radio is everything!

 not my umbrella and not my suitcase but what an amazing playset it was!

 another genial one i never seen before (and is not on this stash)

my sunshade?...and the swimsuit i could kill for as a child ballerina.....

fruits and steaks seem to be similar to backyard playset:

* turns out psychedelic milk is actually genuine Mattel before it went all pink! 
Dream Furniture - fridge 1978!? how lucky is that!? just wow!

...and/or 86 kitchen accessories set?
(wow i guess im not sharing these with kids anymore then LOL)



Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Doll sisters and cousins pt 2

Part 2 of the session from IV 19 - result of jolly rebodying and series of transplants .

Enjoy my (unexpected) sets of twins and sisters and happy hybrids - let me spread the joy of simple and classic fashion play...

a bit mix'n'match post but I have a big huge and exciting one coming so brace yourself up!!!

First my Bambi Teresa - black haired one is Fashionista on Disney body, the other one is the original mate to move - i'm looking to make her a body donor, even more so that her hair is thin and greasy with glue....but she is too photogenic...

 clothes hand-made by me.

I love her colouring, pitty she has such a playline eyes...

here is the original Bambi...


 and sisters together:

The last set of pics, which i now wish could get more exposure than just so much scrolling later... are my lovely Asian sisters - Neko and Miko...

and again - photographing her definitely didn't make it easier for me to decapitate this one...

here she is with her sis:

 They look lovely in this blush sakura lavender styling, don't they...
Miko is so adorable - her bangs give her more relaxed look and sharp red lips are so stylish!

and here is a bonus - the fancy cousin arrived (but don't ask me what her name is)

 oh she is wonderful. I love Lea sculpt and this Dolls of the World edition is obviously high quality..

thank you!


Thursday, September 26, 2019

April Fools Transplants and Barbie sisters pt 1

Today I wanted to share session from IV 19 - result of jolly rebodying and series of transplants (as well as impulse charity and ebay shopping lol).

Enjoy my (unexpected) sets of twins and sisters and happy hybrids - let me spread the joy of simple and classic fashion play...

a bit mix'n'match post but I have a big huge and exciting one coming so brace yourself up!!!


Please welcome my wonderful proud mtm afro doll in series of portraits!

glittery edition... happy to be able to do all that...

 ...lips, they so need fixing...

 Lips crayon retocuch..



...and still looking for solution for our fav Joker girl...half-way there, maybe.


***  **  ***

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Livs reloaded

Nearly year ago (27.03.2019) the usual sinusoidal wave came called:
Liv dolls are the bestest.

Love looking in their eyes. Their make-ups are perfectly balanced and very natural,
The colour game between eyes colour and assigned or associated hair colours and breaking these rules is the greatest of fun (except of poseable dies before mtm)!

Alexis solo

 Daniela solo

...and together :-)

...Katie from previous post has joyned them

Wigs time!!

 and swap time!

and more close-ups