Wednesday, March 16, 2016

ReRoot 2 and RePaint 1

So.. I got tempted..and then lucky... 
I have found poor /hair-wide/ Bratz in charity shop /with feet-shoes though/. 
You cannot harm them,you cannot make them uglier so I felt no guilt nor preassure;-)
Make-under of Bratz dolls is quite popular and well known practice in internetz...
 Mine looked like that:
brown eyes, dark hair, lilac make-up..could be worse but still...

here she is without 'lipstic':-)
...necklace, tip, skull and hair;-)

and here hairless in first version of aquarel pencils make-over:
not bad at all for the first ever time but I have changed my mind...

got rid of the pale blue eyebrows /i planed frosty white hair/ and added eyelashes...
then changed my mind again /yay for pencils!/:

 less is more even in fashion doll's world;-)

and finishing touches - nail varnish lip gloss /don't try this at home;-)/:
ta daaaah.
very happy:-)


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