Monday, April 11, 2016

Ink Splash

Ok, so rerooting migt not be my thing but I found a solution on your ever-inspiring blogs...
Merino Nepalese something something wool and such... I have a fab tomato red boa / sheepskin scarf inherited after my mother but couldn't bring myself to cut it (can't wear it eighter as it doesn't seem too vegan)

Luckly in my crafty stash are three boxes of raw wool for felting I have already used on my rag-dolls descibed on this blog. I have raspberry, grass green and ink blue one. I went for indigo one as it coresponds with my curent hair color and works well with this 'ethnic' repainted bRatz of mine:-)

So there you go with the process: 

I adore her this way! So non-bRatz and so cool. You cannot comb these hair but sure you can restyle it!


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