Saturday, July 28, 2018

My doll - no 156

Today I wanted to share my joy after spotting a charming girl (and a lot of crap) on ebay again.
I saw her few times here and there and always found  very appealing.

yes, you have guessed - tanned, brunette.
Additionally she has highly desirable side glance and rather rare facesculpt of Teen Skipper.
She is also too cute but I can deal with that...

Welcome my newcomer from 26.06.17 - Fashion Fever Modern Trends 2005
- Miss Tia
Doll number 156!

so ok...this is Tia and a lot of other people's plastic doll shit!!!

I won't spare you any detail of this parcel but mercifully will start with her.
She is part of a late Fashion Fever - wave R!

Coming shoes-first:

except of cowgirl shoes and missing hat (bold-y top of the head:-S)bI really like her outfit. Very unusual choice of colours - and i love khakis and olives with suntan!

she is a little shy...
 I adore the lavender eyeshadow... 
but bambi-like/deer in headlights kind of eyes are a bit too Disney-like
 this chocolate lace really goes well with her colour palette - need to take  a note!!

This is how she looked as new:

This character came out one other time as an amazing Lara face denim doll:

very similar design concept was used on Loving Family baby-sitter (do I understand correctly that, out of a sudden, she is Midge!!??)
Luckily I am cured and don't need to have the all;-)

but back to stuff... so parcel was build from two puffy envelopes actually;-)

amongst the goodies in order of appearance were:

Simba sisters - gave brunette to my kids and nude blonde to charity;-)

Then another Erica in my life. I bravely let the  other one go, and this one went in princess dress to my daughters preschool... a bad deed but i hear she played a lot with her.
 I kept the dress as it is a lovely floral fabric with a georgette fill to it.
To my surprise, aover year later I stumbled upon this fashion pack! (good old times)

Next emerged very freaky barbie. Some nails & make-up edition. 
I resold her stiff stollen ribbon satine dress and doll went to charity;-)

Next came shoe-less but mostly complete edition of Hannah Montana - successfully resold!
 ...and High School Musical peeps. Robbed dude of his clothes, wanted to keep him for my son but  decided to sell as a couple but they are still available somewhat...

Next came some freaky princess with growing hair and good quality dress I sent for a mission in nursery again;-)

at last - two hobbit-body uggly-face Barbies, one with strong case of glitterisis...
and soem useful clothes

 as well as the original Tia's t-shirt luckly! (but  I only noticed now, but luckly kept!)

Last but not least, and here i must confess I have fallen for her despite of dumb blonde mold...
From the terrifying line of shit eating pooping dog (and that cat Teresa)...

amazing green-gray eyes and nude lipstick Barbie...

I'm dreaming about some roots showing on her or even full re-root but it takes me ages unfortunatelly...oh well



  1. Hanna Montana jest świetna,
    jako i pokazane tu brunetki :)