Monday, February 8, 2016

My dolls Nr 16

Todays post will be about my discovery which wasn't a mistery at all in the end
 but again - opened my /doll/ eyes.
The story goes - one Sunday morning i went with family to massive, seasonal  boot sale - still pretending I am not collecting:-)
Beside expensive porcelain dolls and piles of slutty Bratz i saw a real beauty!
As you know by now - my standard of doll beauty is dark hauir and /at least/ tanned skin...
when mixed with natural make-up, brown eyes and violet tones - i'm in:-)
The misterious young lady was wearing oversized, blue and gold Disney Prince top - how disgraceful!
(there was one more dark haired doll, and i guess others from the same line but oh dear - I've been so consequent once...) 

Just look at this sweet face!

whats not to love
She has a body of a young girl - very simillar to Skipper but much rounder and /even/ more friendly face.

It didn't took me ages to find that my fantastic discovery is yet another paralell doll series/lines by Mattel...
She is one of Three Wee Friends 
Blonde, Ginger and Dark-haired. Her name is Janet (sometimes Alexia).

Their outfits are perfection. Unfortunatelly they are not very common in UK and shipping fro, US is crazy do I am on a safe side (or mad;-))

As I tried to be focused I gave her away in deposit to my 2 years daughter. Sounds scarry for collectors, I know, but she isn't a barbarian and hiding dolls from young girls would be rediculous; She can touch my collection so that she doesn't find it that atractive or tempting. I've made one semi-princessy dress for her. Voila!

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