Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Dolls, nr 26

Probably the first 'ethnic' doll I ever saw.
I remeber burning with desire in mid 90s but felt like its too late for me and I am too old:-P
Never saw the film, not much into Disney Princesses obviously and this europocentric postcolonial bullshit...

Her face looks a bit dated and cartoonish /oh really?/ but bonestructure, hair and skintone is amazing.
I almost bought her separetely as a must have but luckly she came in my oh so famous and neverending it seems eBay bargain box:-)

Beautiful face and great quality hair which i refreshed very successufully
- they have lovely shine an dlots of movement now!

I decided to make the other kind of princes - a tribal warrior or just urban jungle raven black haired girl?

plum tunic, black legnings, hotrse riding boots, striped vest, textile belt
with woodena and turquoise necklaces

lets turn the ethnic thing up a notch;-)
/there was some lil make-up thing going on too/

what i've lear from this experience is also that nowadays Disney dolls are more possable 
and there are limited, collectors editions as well... rooted lashes and stuff

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  1. na swoją Pocę czekałam ok.3 lat :)))

  2. musze ja wlaczyc do akcji w najblizszym czasie.. jest taka 'jesienna' zasadniczo...