Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mature doll - restyled

oh wait...this was my other breaking point... 
back in Luxembourg when I realised 'Barbies' are not all blond and pink as i remeber it and lot was happening on the market... 
Purchasing this interesting mature lady from Happy Family pastel thing, only-woman-with-rings-have children... together with AA Sunshine family on Nordic community tabletop sale...was a nice reminder that i love dolls but was too pregnant with my baby nr 2 to give it much space in y head and life...
anyway - 'Grandma' is free now and pretty hot in her new-old outfit!

 sorry - its not terribly sharp pic...Dress made by me in 90's - satine top and navy blue vintage scarf from ancient stash. Underneath she's hiding black! tulle underdress made by my late mother in my ballet classes filled childhood:-) Oh, and piece of our old India shop wooden beads string.. couse she is a mature Hippie obviously...
She looks happy. I love her face and natural make-up.
Very interesting hair color..and i wonder how different is her body from 2016 Curvy Barbie...

Need to play with her more when i work through my rescued and restyled doll's queue /ever.../

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  1. marzę o kilku takich "babciach" by móc
    Je przerobić (makijaż, włosy) ale i 1ą
    oczywiście zostawić wedle pierwotnego
    zamysłu producenta...
    póki co - mam już pierwszą, jeszcze nie
    przeszła odmładzającego liftingu ;P

  2. swietny ten mold. fajniutkie pre-curvy cialo:-)
    widzialas czarna wersje - boska.
    Kuoilam sobei ostatnio diadunia - bardzo przystojny,..bedzie sugar daddy jak nic:-P