Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Vintage Sindy x 3

This is a story about my 'First time lucky' visit at the 'other' car boot sale... it goes on in March to Septemper cycle since 1986 or sth...and is sooo huuugee...and in the middle of nowhere and a bit muddy;-)

Was in my tiger eyes mode so just in a first aisle, on a side, to the back and on a ground /foil bag/ I spotted doll shaped exhumed corpses reminding vintage Sindy dolls. I almost jumped over the table and got them all (there was one more doll, Diana or Petra or sth and few never used sleepy eye/ hollow plastic dollies)... 50 p each...

the classic case of sticky and smelly dolls covered with a real green mould!

 like - how bad is that... but it is very excited as they are all so different...


after hot hot bowl bath with bubbles and serious brush and scrubbing... three lovely ladies:

thanks to great Sindy page I managed to identify and sell them already.
Here are their markings:

 2nd generation Sindy, regular 033055X, after 1982 Sindy with logo in a block (and her ballerina active body

I had quite a nice correspondence with their buyers - they all will take good care of them - vintage Sindy loving homes with lots of old-new friends (and I managed to sustain my collections integrity LOL or sth)

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  1. ciemnowłosa z kulkową talią
    zawojowała mnie dokumentnie!