Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Folk girls restyled

I've done it!
I still would not dare to touch their hair but i have undressed my Dolls of the World from their original clothes and found some more urban choices...
I wasn't that very brave - dolls were used, with no shoes and their clothes are of great quality - separates with metal naps. I had to cut of the wreath of dolls head but left beads as i matches her amazing red jewelry (and expose the fairness of her skin..)

I have used fresh batch of recently purchased  myScene clothes - very happy with the outcome.
Spring feeling in the air (although shot in mid Summer 2016).

fancy contemporary shoes
(even Barbie's leg doesn't look good with heavy ankle designs...)

and some close-ups to enjoy their fresh yet classic faces!


sorry for all the single the sticking out hair, unfortunately I always act in a hurry 
  thank you!

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