Saturday, February 4, 2017

My dolls - nr 73

Beside of Monster High accessories on that day i've got two mini cabbage patch dolls for resale and original first edition one interestngy dressed in lace tights and puffy dress made of, I could swear, the same fabric as Loving you Barbie - it's Mattel production as well after all.

Anyway, the story for today is simple yet sensational... Sunny summer sunday like any other, boot sale, table top like any other, good quality mix of household goods - not interested...but on top of it, just like that lays her - oh I don't even think about it, grab before the whole army of doll collectors arrive... 50 p... Fifty pence for a clean Cali Lea /horse eriding/ doll, shiny hair and shoes!!!
Can't even think about it - one of the dolls I saw on internet and never on ebay... just like that... desitiny obviouly...

Amazing silky, smoots, straight, two-tonned chocolate hair, oriinal braids; super clean and simple neutral make-up - my fav mold for sure. Her fashion is so stylish and well made compared to nowadays... sporty burgundy bra, summery orinental longsleeve, skinny 3/4 washed out jeans with leather belt, copper metal necklaceand comfy brown! flipflops... well done Mattel!

one of best line even imo (but i am far from thoughts about complete sets and stuff). It looks like that:

I tottaly fell in love and took her with me for my Croatian holidays - breaking my golden rule and skipping the queue... here are few of them...

 georgeus by the sea...

and in mountain forests...




  1. urokliwie pokazałaś tę ślicznotkę!

  2. ...ale starszny pajacyk z tego pajacyka no...

    1. akurat ja lubię te pajacykowate :)