Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Two more Livs without a number...
One was bought as a fair-bodied donor... She is a later wave, one with less fierce eyes and luckily she has a long platinum blonde wig for re-sale:-)

 Liv foot <3
..already feeling guilty...
and first ever original Liv earring I saw;-)


I had a lot of fun shooting these two...

Later on I was lucky enough to purchase another first wave Sophie in basically full original, boxed doll outfit. Fun to shoot this one too.. really tempted to keep the jacket tho..

 looking like a dead, unloved doll in foil!

 more original jewelry;-)
 (blue-eyed blondes with golden jewelry are soooo not my type if something..)
some posing for mine and yours pleasure (what the hell is wrong with the colours today;?!:-)

 see you soon!

*****  **   *****


  1. Nawet nie wiedziałam, że Livki mają takie fajne stópki :D

  2. miałam i ja livkę - zielonooką
    przypominała mi Maję Sablewską