Sunday, March 26, 2017

Something shiny (and extremely plastic)

Not exactly a doll but a dream coming true and one more (child-ish) desire satisfied.

One day when spending time strolling with my daughter in pushchair, I visited few charities - as usually, just in case...
In the shabbiest and smelliest of them all I saw a ridiculously pearly-pinky-golden-crystal white horse and a full size carriage with a canopy and was really over the top in it's 80sness and when I saw it is standing on its original box and has instruction included I did not hesitate..actually I so excited that I managed to leave the shop and after making decision of buying it I noticed I have left a toddle in a stroller behind;-) oh well...

Then basically whole shop got involved into dismantling it and fitting back into box as my school pic-up time was approaching really quickly.

The huge box was my sweet secret for a while as I couldn't sell it before properly playing with and photographing it without making some ridiculous display in our living-room;-)

Here are few technical, horse, details and box pictures...

horse time... /i never had one!!!! this one is quite useless tho - tottaly stiff/
 but it's hair are cotton candy pink and body like a shimmery - pearl;-)

 slightly dated;-)
hair accessory, you know...
 modest, right?

 ..also - surprise, surprise...

now for full length and some fancy party goers, right?

 once modest fashion play Barbie arrives as a first guest (copy of my first Barbie ever!)...
 with a partner...
(and this is beyond confused cos chronologically, again, neither Ken nor the outfits have arrived yet, but they are already long gone by the time you are reading this, hmmm)
Crystal Barbie is here...
 so bad, so good!

...followed by many more elegant guests in fancy dresses from THE epoque!

 <3 Group pic <3

Holly cow! That was too much fun!!!!
I love my hobby:-)

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  1. WOW! Taka karoca to dopiero wymarzony środek transportu. Można zapomnieć o samochodach, skuterach czy rowerach, która lalka chciałaby nimi jeździć gdy ma bajkową KAROCĘ! :D

  2. ach, co to był za ślub!!!

  3. hahaha, ubawilam sie po pachy choc dobrze sie krylam