Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My doll nr. 98

After finding Melrose at carboot sale I tottaly fell in love with Moxie Teenz scale, proportions and their haunting eyes... Melrose however has tanned skin but her blue eyes and pearly lips are screaming blonde... I dreamed about mixed-race or brunette doll...

I found Tristen on eBay, nude and not so over-priced as most of these discontinued dolls are...and for the first time I  bidded on my mobile phone while in different town;-)
(On that day, while visiting seaside i found a nice shop with lots of miniatures, wigs and figurines and managed to get some chocolate brown medium length hair pieces for my future projects).

oh the sheer excitement of a new delivery!

Fair skin and lavender-brown eyes with lashes to die for...

and a first portrait...
I first started with playing with Liv's wigs - so many possibilities, so much fun!

Although she is assigned as a pale brunette I think I love her the most in wavy dark brown hair, hmmm

Few months later I was still stuck playing around with wigs (and better camera) - as I don't have many clothes in their scale and officially no time to sew...

sisters <3


...her original outfit and packaging (no, thank you)

..and here she is with Bijou (maybe one day...) and in different owners styling...


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  1. She is a really pretty doll. I love her eyes!

  2. Fiołkowooka w czarnej sukienusi
    urzeka na maksa - to moxie teenz,
    dla której mogłabym się przełamać -
    a potem do zestawu chłopa Jej :)

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