Saturday, June 24, 2017

My dolls - No 97

I purchased this one on eBay with a mysterious 'Asian doll' description and rather bury picture. She sure had 'belly button body' so I could hope it won't be a clone and face seems to have some potential...

She arrived as a tiny yet articulated mummy packaging - wonder what my Brave postman thinks...

 oh the promise and excitement of a surprise dolly in a wrap<3
 What a miracle she is - fair skinned, thick-browed with a relatively short hair!
Fantastic minimal make-up far better than any of nowadays Miko/Lea tbh...
In this unusual face design she is difficult to recognise but, oh joy, she has Lara / Ana / Drew mold!
It is only my second doll with this sculpt - I'm not lucky somehow and they way too ofter are issued as collectible (the greater my desire).

I wanted to 'do something' with her so rebodied he onto Hollywood Nails fair body...she got 'benetton style' twist with these colourful nails:-)
..they couldn't be more different...

...and a sneak prev of what happen later (and will be published light years from now;-P)
<3 some blush and studs later <3


An expert doll forum friend kindly identified her for me as part of Fashion Fever line 'Barbie Loves Benetton' (yet again!) and she represents Paris. I don't love her pink outfit, so no harm done..

 There are quite a few eye candies in the collection with at least 3 Lea's...

 and two more absolutely fab Laras...


  1. Wow, what a nice purchase! She is a beautiful doll. The Barbie Loves Benetton line is really great. Unfortunately, I don't own any!

  2. I was lucky and totally unaware at the time. Pretty unusual foe Lara. Very happy with her:-)

  3. ależ Ci się gratka trafiła -
    ta Lara jest niesamowita -
    ciut drapieżna ciut łagodna
    (super fota zabąbelkowanej)

  4. dzieki. kupowalam w ciemno a leb wielki jak i w koncu to Lara..troche rozu na policzki i jak zywa!

  5. Świetne znalezisko, też mam słabość to wszelkich przedstawicielek moldu Lara i Lea ;D