Thursday, July 6, 2017

My doll nr 101

Oh Mother Mary protector of dollies... I am so sooo happy! I have crystal clear memory of standing in front of a shop's window burning with desire...the most exotic thing I ever saw in gray socialistic country...and her hair..not only super long but also curly...and the authentic, so Hawaiian...

and here she is, some 20 years later, not identified and poorly described on eBay...nude and not too expensive... My Island Fun 1987 Miko!

freshly delivered parcel<3 with a well packed mummy inside...

and my love...with three fab 20 yo dreadlocks ;-)
 absolutely adore these gray eyes and minimal make-up.. 
absolutely the best nose and lips in the whole Mattel (before 2015 or so;-)

Fear not... keep calm and bath with Christie...
 'Let it dry, let it dry'
 and turn into a happy clean combed pom pon...

She had to spend quite a few months waiting in queue before second wave of spa treatments...fabric softener soaking, hot water, conditioners, combing and who knows what... in the end I managed to find her original hairline and decided to try to control her curls a little bit...

..with some pipe-cleaners and hairdryer...
 in a meantime (aka far far future /now) I got this vintage frilly summer/hawaii-ish dress
it is not perfect but I didn't want to experiment to much with this vintage beauty...
(and the hair look a bit fizzy on promo pics below anyway)

She is part of a classic (first?) beach doll line consisting of Barbie, Hispanic doll (oh I don't like this mold (luckily), my Asian friend and unusually light-haired Christie with lilac eye-shadow:


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  1. Jak to wspaniale móc spełnić marzenie z dzieciństwa po tylu latach. Wspaniale odświeżyłaś Miko, trafiła w dobre ręce :)

  2. Cudowności. Miałem ją kiedyś. Dollbby

  3. Dzieki:-)
    Ktos odwalil kawal dobrej roboty z tym moldem...obkrecam i z kazdej strony zachwyca.

    ...puki co jetsem na etapie 'jest taka piekna, zatrzymam i druga' ale powoli dojrzewam do rozstania z nr 2...;-)