Friday, October 20, 2017

My dolls: No. 122-124 + 1

Today yet another good deed on the edge with greed and crazy consumerism;-) Animal Rescue Charity had its pre-christmas fair, they actually actively mentioned dressed barbies in bargain prices being ready for sale in one of their updates...

I went there with my whole family, abandoned my children, run over few more and reached the toy section in far end of the hall... There was a large washing bowl full of bagged fashion dolls. I had to take my time and my space to take each and everyone of them to get to the bottom...

I picked up 3 with dark hair and/or some articulation.
They turned out to be 3.00 each, two had very similar hand-made dresses but i was not allowed to swap clothes...

One, I knew/recognised immediately was vintage Kira with cut hair...
which is ok as it gives my a chance to customise a vintage doll - I am thinking a side undercut or sth like that... depending how hair are after I wash her...

She looks rather Eskimo here but without her jumpsuit she is rather 
hot blooded Hawaii Fun Kira 1990.

 underneath she is wearing genuine simple summery mini dress.

She has characteristic 'Z' blink in her eyes. Mine is made in Malaysia so her turquoise eye shadow is not blinding you that much...

Just as my Hawaii (or autumnal here) Christie she came in a swimming suit a 'grass' skirt, brush and summery colourful hairstyle..long gone.

here is the whole bunch Hawaiian Fun 1990 (Barbie, Christie, Kira, Ken, Steven, Skipper, Jazzie)

here is the comparison of my two dolls from the line:

The second doll was a great surprise. She had lovely brown hair, Mackie's sculpt which is always promising and not at all budget make-up plus articulated knees combined with a rare fair skin tone.

she is super handsome and I love her dress!
..and not made in China...
there was something very unusual in her yellow-green eyes...
I suddenly realised! is it even possible that in this summery dress at animal rescue charity fair I could have excavate, rather recent and popular, Bella from Twilight?

They are more less collectible but/and from Pink Label in a really nice packaging

there are two 'Teresas' in this group but I won't think too much about it...

hell yeah!
She definitely needs more articulation in her next life with me...

The third doll was the greatest surprise tho...
I never saw her before and she did not ring the bell...

She had new Disney articulated body with movable ankles and tiny feet, London Disney Store on her back (we have a shop in Norwich too but no idea what they have on their backs)... 

 I bought her for body (or chestnut-chocolate hair) but her classical, 
mature and elegant face is rather haunting...

underneath the very well finished handmade purple floral dress she had forest, green panties which gave me the clue...

What a charmer! 
Here she is posing with a thistle in the background... does it give you an idea?
 She is doll I had no idea of... in amazing original gown and clever cleaver packaging...

Mother Bear, The Queen Elinor from Brave <3

 I mean how good is that...
Can't even decide if I should restyle Kira first or start sawing some magical forest automnal queen from Elinor...



  1. Queen Elinor has an interesting appearance, I really like her :-). Also, you find the most incredible dolls! You have an excellent doll radar!

    1. Thanks. Really chuffed.
      Not sure if its radar or some radioactive Mattel's material;-)

  2. Śliczości :) Jak zawsze, podobają mi się wszystkie a najbardziej Kira. Kiry jeszcze nie posiadam żadnej. Ale gdzieś tam na mnie na pewno czeka ta jedyna ;)

    1. Czeka! Sa dziwnie rzadkie jak na to, ze wychodizly z kazda linia...

  3. Some really nice finds! Congrats!

  4. Mnie też bardzo podoba się KIra... Chciałabym mieć choć jeden egzemplarz laluszy z tym moldem... Co do ekipy Zmierzchu... Marzy mi się Edward, Jacob, brunetka - siostrzyczka Edwarda, ruda wampirzyca i... panna blondi w czarnej pelerynie. Ale pewnie żadnej z tych postaci mieć nie będę...

    1. Tez wlasnie patrzylam prze zpalce bo moje klimaty i cudne laluchy... poczekam na jakiego zywego trupka;-)

  5. Elinora powala na łopatki!
    od kilku dni cieszę się
    obecnością Meridy z tej
    serii (wymiana lalkowa)
    jednak Elinora to wciąż
    umykający mi jednorożec :)

    1. Slepej kurce...
      Zostala bohaterka mojej jesiennej sesji w tym roku (wraz z corka takze) - zakochalam si epo uszy mimo, ze Disney, mimo, ze duza banka..

    2. po Twoim "ucywilizowaniu" szatynki
      promienieje wręcz niekłamanym wdziękiem
      tło z ostami bajkowe i nie do przeoczenia!