Saturday, November 25, 2017

My Dolls. No. 130

This one is better than I thought... just after I put a doll-ban on myself classics started to fall from teh sky... One Sunday, when shop was closed I saw unusual lots and lots of dressed fashion dolls sitting in widow display. I came next morning while kids were in schools to check what they have. They weren't super cheap for charity shop - 3 pounds I guess...but I have found one I had no doubts about...

My second Generation Girl!

I easily identified my doll - fab burgundy/chesnut locks and new mold. Surprisingly she kept her original jewelry and leftovers of elastic... even her clothes, genuine but not stock ones, were in her colours..

Welcome Chelsie Peterson... purple loving hippie girl:-)
definitely my kind of girl
(my portable disc got mad around that time and my 'on arrival' pics went funny)

   she has a smaller, Teen Skipper, type of body, 
with bendable elbow and pretty, ballerina like, palms...

Here she is restored, redressed 

and in her new student accommodation (blast from the past vs. feature from the future?)...


This is how she looked brand new:

and Dance Party version:

and personification of an English girl with her Aussie friend (Tori).

 I feel tempted to give her adult body, but her ring, and stuff...

This is all a really big deal and serious stuff... Possibly the best line ever, tasteful, contemporary, thought through characters with their personal styles... geeky Christie, sporty Tori and introduction of fabulous face-sculpt of artsy Ana / Lara (that's why!). As students on International High School they had hand-out space to buy separately and each doll has been sold with folded box-room of their own...

You can find everything on their Wiki...


  1. śliczna studentka w przytulnym kąciku :)

  2. Naprawdę uwielbiam tą serię lalek, to był świetny pomysł, super wykonanie i kultowe na tamten czas stylizacje. Sama przez chwilę gościłam grupkę lalek z serii Generation Girl.

    1. Rzeczywiscie po swietna idea i egzekucja... Przepiekne maja te lapki... chcialam wpasc w amok ale sie pohamowalam... Mari jakos mnie omija wciaz...