Wednesday, November 1, 2017

BHF 2 or Frozen Fiat (126 & 127)

Oh dear. I'm afraid I have been following British Heart Foundation's ebay auctions and had to support them with quite a easy win... around eleven pounds for kilos of dolls including Disney, car and who knows what, 'easy to resale' I thought...
also I had a cunning plan to steal Frozen Ana's body for my Japanese Princess, cause this is what internetz told me to do...and I have a daughter as an excuse too;-)

Auction looked like that. Nothing too exciting but a great fun!

they arrived in a big huge box with big huge bubble wrap:-)

As a penance I pushed the box underneath the desk and decided not to play with it for some time...
until one evening (hence a bit funny photos in artificial light)...

First I sorted out few rather shockingly awful playline Barbies...

I have stolen their bodies an dsold dresses and heads separately... Platinum-pink hair have been relatively nice but veeery dry.

Then quite charming princess Sophia emerged with only one shoe

but she managed to fin a new loving home too 
(who cars about musical dolls if you cant change her clothes;-( )

Then emerged next doll-who-can-barely-sit bit sings and flashes with light...
I removed this Cindirella from the premises before my daughter saw her;-)

Then some miss-matched tiny monsters...

Then DisneyStore London Tinkerbell in working order, no shoes
(my daughter git her in her hands but managed to save her from this glitter)

some random stuff from in between... sparkle girlz doll with nice hair but I survived the temptation and depressing Barbie another doll - her lighting up necklace-button was not making sound any longer, unfortunately she has lost one horse-riding shoe..probably as a punishment for her pink!, molded! throusers....

her jacket was fun tho, not a bad, traditional cut, cheeky design.

accidentally I found pic of her in a box 'A Pony Tale' playset:

Last of the molded ones..Mattel's Frozen Elsa doll, totally useless:-( the massive and oh so pink barbie's car, the first ever I ever held in my hand as I don't recall if any of my friends owned one..

It's actually a 'Barbie Loves FIAT' play set. Car had some cool details (fortunately it is too pink for me to keep). Doll is absolutely awful - eyes are off and look as if they are going to peel off any second)...

then... I have finally reached something exciting!

Then I finally dug her out...I thought I see something and indeed, there she is - my first doll on ModelMuse body:-))) and  a proper collectible Mackie face...

This rib-cage and collarbone is rather impressive I must say...

As you know I am not into classically pretty blondes but this natural and proportional eye is amazing!
and I am a fan of a side glimpse;-)

some good posing even in quick random shots <3

I was convinced for all this time that she must be one of the Basic dolls but it turned out she is all fluffy and pink Birthday Wishes Barbie 2012.
I am not giving her any number as she is not really fitting into my collection;-)

at last we can meet the Disney doll's group... with infamout wonky knees and tiny feet:

that is rather impressive glittery dress;-) guess my daughter will finally be able to properly her growing obsession and I can give just happen accidentally you know...

hair in tact and never played with

Her sister Ana hes fab clothes in shades of green and iceskates. 
I love the folk skirt - guess i'll borrow this one from my girl...

...and a very cute face with fresh from the box plaids (who gives away such a dolls to charity!?)

Surprisingly they were a wintery iceskating sisters set

...then comes another unwanted ginger girl...
 but with the first look in her eyes and since I already have her Mother too...I just melted:-)
My doll No 126, apparently, Merida the Brave:

the best hair ever, fun face-sculpt and really vivid eyes...
 not the worst dress too...

she's bonkers!

and coolest part 'whos panties are those?' or colour comparison:-)

Do you have enough?
Well I am definitely satisfied, overwhelmed and exhausted. Slightly guilty too...

The last doll is a propper roro-style doll... ethnic brunette with full articulation...
Ladies and gentlemen, doll nr 127, wearing her original dress, bracelet and earrings:
Desire/ Artsy Swapping Styles Fashionista 2010:

here she is as brand new and with her bunch:


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  1. najbardziej zauroczył mnie Dzwoneczek -
    zaczynam rozumieć fascynację Koleżanki
    tym pyszczkiem :)))

    moja Merida pozdrawia Twoją - to wdzięczne
    modelki na różne epoki i stylizacje ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Oooj Merida mi się śni po nocach. Ale dużo zdobyczy ☺

  3. Bardzo fajne bajkowe panny. :) I ta Model Muse też mi się podoba.

  4. Dzieki:-) Podkusio mnie. Dopeiro neidawno ogarnelam Meride i uplynnilam wreszcie samochod... no i raczej wysluzylam sie corka;-)