Monday, November 13, 2017

Snow Queen

Do you remmeber my pastel Dream Glow Teresa... well she blossoms on Fashionista's body...
As winter and christmas time is approaching it is a good time to present my other doll's forum calendar competition triggered photo shoot.

Lots of fun with this high-fashion adult Frozen:-)

Here she is preparing, still hanging out in her cardigan, listening carefully to her agent;-) not a distant relative as well;-)

Ready steady go!

 getting into mood:

Then playing with some accessories:

and a snow globe...

Then a spooky friend joined in:
and took over

and my favs

and one off scenes with a photographers reflection:-)

**  **  **
brrr need some hot tea...


  1. Bardzo wdzięczna modelka. Podoba mi się jej kolor włosów.

  2. Beautiful models and pictures :-)

  3. pasteLOVE barwy idealne dla
    tak subtelnej i pięknej buzi!