Monday, January 8, 2018

My Dolls, nr 136

...and then when I really wanted to stop I saw one fun  contemporary doll I wanted in a very cheap bundle (aka lots of plastic crap to handle...)

I accidentally started to watch this Barbie movie with my daughter but she is way too young and bit bored but I got intrigued (as an everlasting rock chick). For the first time 'doll-from-the-movie' made sense to me. She is a bass player from Rockn'Roll Royals named ZIA- blue haired and very fair Raquel with red lips!

I this she seems to have lots of potential once stripped off her playliness....and stiff body...

Here she is 'on arrival':

 oh dear...
 so much crap this time
 took me sometime but managed to resale luckily...
...she arrived with obe pushy friend... 
I dismantled her heartlessly and sold dress and head separately...
 despite of rooted eyelashes and being a part of (terrible terrible Mttel era) 
glittery line of Barbie Style 'In Spotlight'

Back to ZIA..

She arrived in playline aka slutty mini dress with some mean boob-job sponsored by Ariel I guess...

she has terriblt not-rock'n'roll stiff and one very fair interesting contrapposto and not at all terrible hand position
 Her eye design is very interesting with lovely 'denim-like' for me combination of blues and browns...
 I feel very tempted to work on her hair...
tone down the white contrasts and maybe, somehow add other shade of blue or black to break the electric blue...

All those months later I finally had time for her.
Her hands are huge and I am seriously tempted to rebody her. Something tells me her fairness might be problematic...
I just gave her a quick/temporary make-over so far...and accidentally she became 'little me' with a blue bob and strong lipstick I really shouldn't be surprised;-)

 ...slouchy hat, messengers bag, tweed jacket, oversized denim, ironically pink and glittered top 
and heavy boots... yeah definitely one roroDoll!




  1. I love your styling of the blue haired doll! Great combo she's wearing, it's totally "her" :-).

    1. Thanks. I am really glad with the little-me kind of outcome:-)))

  2. Twoja stylizacja zmieniła tą lalkę nie do poznania. Tak właśnie powinna wyglądać. :)

  3. Love the restyle you did on her. I have this doll too, and of course, I rebodied her. Mine is rebodied on the articulated Tris doll body. She is also a good match for the MTM Lea.