Thursday, January 4, 2018

Try this at home!

OK, today a super scary experiment.
Maybe I'm silly, maybe I'm fearless...
but I thought...if a boiling water is good for nylon (and such) doll's hair... how about hair iron and/or crimper... Second hand 80/90's Barbies with originaly crimped hair, if heavy played with, turn into fuzzy dry hay anyway...

I have a nice, modern ceramic crimper with 10 temperature settings.
I brushed hair with a wet brush and gave it a try...
Here is a test on random contemporary Barbie:

There was some steam but result was rather stunning - shiny and freshly done hair! Which last!

One could use more finer insert and definitely be more patient but as usually - I have been doing it all in between school runs, cartoon episodes and such...

I have done hair of Barbie Benetton and Totally Hair...

Here are TH Barbies hair 'before', with shadow of previous beauty
already brushed with wet brush so it's better than irl..
 new vs old

 fresh, non-processed hair...
and more-less final result:
 (don't know how to handle this fringe tho..)

Here for a historic documentation - same work on Benetton and Bubble Angel

..I am contemplating refreshing my lavender Asha Mermaid as well. One day...


  1. A fantastic result! The hair looks as good as new!

  2. fotka do góry nogami świetna!
    masz cudną TAPETĘ - ACH, wzór,
    kolor, wypukłości - mniam, mniam!

    1. wszystko mniam mniam tylko nie jakas angielska specjalnosc takie tapety teksturalne do malowania (wynajmujemy niestety a przedpokuj mam pompejansko-buraczkowo--swinkowy...szaleje juz 4 rok;-)