Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bootsale o5.04.17

Nothing too spectacular but still a pleasurable Carboot stroll and a good excuse / hide-out from my in-laws...

I had lot's of time to check all the removal/clearance boxes - managed to dig out three fancy unusual wooden railtrack for my son - suspended bridge, some wobbly noisy bit and a circular railway switch (whatever it's called). 20 p a bit.
Then 50 p a piece I got Merry Melody ebonite records and from next guy - a unopened writing and geometry utensils set and a kite...

Toy wise I got two collectible (for someone surely) kids book / tv characters I later identified as Marc Brown's ARTHUR and DAD - figurines from 90's made by Hasbro...
They are really cool and stylish but I sold them in less than 2 weeks:-)


Doll-wise I have found some over-decorative ans 'antique' for my diorama 
(but you never know) gold+china miniatures...
as well as Splash 'n Colour Christie in fab condition - always attractive body and/or face/head-wise
She is Made in China and has no original jewelry yet her make-up is a bit different to 'my' cataloged one... I guess will store her for a while enjoying her fab colouring and then resale... #nomoresisters

 so bad - so good!

Then, again and as usual, laying just like that on table top or pile of toys was her - so innocent and pure Pretty in Pink vintage 80's Barbie - no jewelry but this hairline and honey blonde is stealing me heart every time!