Friday, February 16, 2018

Teresa di Flores & T.Fleur...

Spring in heart, spring in the air...
On 28.03.17 I decided that the weather is to nice not to have a doll photo shoot... and since my queue is long and growing I invited 2 Teresas into my garden.

Lovely fiery ginger Queen of Flower Fairies doll - wearing contemporary, floral Fashionista dress and Liv skirt combined. Beyond Pink (Orangey) Teresa god rebodied an dis rocking mtm leggings and Very Velvet Teres'as bolero:-)

I just love the play of differences and similarities on/of these two:-)

Teresa di Flores checking out my Spring garden:

then she headed indoors to look for other florals...

Why be so modest if you can become a flower beauty icon...

and in Technicolor..


I could finish here but T. Fleur waves with her one articulated wrist...
Here they are together..

..then she went solo... (i have found this tres chic piece of pink aluminium on pavement;-)
 ok ok she really needs things to be done to her fringe..what a lame rooting...

Here is her overexoosed floral bit:

Thank you


  1. Tereski urocze -
    ale to serwetka
    z kwiatkami dziś
    zdobyła uwagę!

    1. to moja 'rodowa' przedwieczna - przykrywka na koszyczek swiateczny;-)

  2. Spring already??? What beautiful weather you are having. It has warmed up here, but there is still snow on the ground! Your ladies look lovely!

    1. Very 2017 flowers but we do have crocuses and snowdrops happening in uk already

  3. Obie panny są wspaniałe. A z kwiatkami im do twarzy. :)

  4. Tereski tamtej generacji były cudowne. A sesja kwiatowa wypadła ślicznie, aż już nie mogę doczekać się wiosny :)

    1. Tez ciesza me oko gdy powracam (i Tereski i kwiaty)