Monday, April 23, 2018

Bootsale haul 07.05.2017

After rainy Bank Holiday Monday disaster I was determined to have fun on double carboot sale the following Sunday (07.05.2017)...

It is as exciting as it is exhausting. Not only I have to get up at 7 on Sunday:-(, i recently calculate don google maps that between two locations and my home I make over 6 miles on my bike plus around 3 km of walking along the aisles...  oh well, sports for dolls....

so this week I was quite lucky and enjoyed myself a lot...
Treated myself with a vintage woolly scarf and stylish folk furry & rosy hat, 50 p each
Mother of pearl coasters from Philipines and kindly spent 1.50 for my daughters Frozen equipment cause she keeps bragging about it like never before;-)

from dolly department I bought a furniture in a wrong scale but full of china goods...
Half dead G2 pony for resale and set of never opened Cabbage Patch dishes (for resale):-)

no brunette or dark beauty to join my collection but a lovely Cool Green Teen Skipper again - this one goes to a new thread still in her hair, all jewelry in place, just a bit loose in her joints;-)
Wonderfull Capri Barbie from 1981 and three Bratz Babiez, 20 p each;-)

Capri Barbie brings bunch of memories... someone must had to have her in my surroundings... her make-up with green triangles is crazy cool and her fashion shouts 80's!
..and she of cours has curly hair which I never had chance to experience as a child but now find it a little bit of nightmare....
I refreshed her and befiore she went to a new loving home to retire I had little play and a mini session with her cousin from Western Fun series:-)

'Mine' is made in Malaysia and has lovely coloring and rosy cheeks:-)


p.s. to cheer myself up I once. 'after school', got myself? three petite uglies;-)
One Blythe bigger than my tiny one from year ago but exactly the same...

and duo of not signed post-Strawberry Shortcake dolls but vintage ones:-)
uffff that's all, Im off!

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