Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Prairies of Norfolk

Oh my!
I could not wait for all those months to finally show you one of my most favorite sessions and outings so far!
Cali Lea and Poca strolling in wild wild blooming prairies

(aka English bluebells 30 IV 17)

...but first let me document one of the first rescue re-rooting session of mine.
Poor Lea was sold with bandanna as sun protection which left her with a bold spot on top of her head... I've decided to add few more streaks of chocolate brown and sun-kissed hair...
I also robbed Esmeralda of her articulated tanned Fashionista body and gave her tanned Cali belly-button one...

Here she is all happy and beautiful (how good is this doll!?)
 feels amazing to be able to touch you own head for the first time...
for needs of this session I styled her with raw silk scarf covering all of my work LOL

p.s. Esme is content too in the end.

LET's GO!!!!

First fashion review

...and in search of the promised wilderness...

check check - testings her hair on the wind after years indoors...

post wild west...

at last..into the wild, un peu...

(i'm afraid this is the only angle where hair are not covering their faces completely lOL)

 ...Poca...I think that instead of wide dry prairies
we've managed to find only a cosy, juicy Bluebells clearing...

darn.. we should rather be wearing some country English romantico set with Easter bonnet...

...nice try...
now we are in Amazon Rain Forest if anything... 
who booked this photo-shoot!??
and why batteries in camera were not properly charged and we are facing mobile :-(

..but the light is great...

thank you!


back stage:
Hello - it's me and our matching outfits LOL 
and patient partners in crime - here snacking (as usually)
and taking over...


  1. Super sesja w plenerze. I to jeszcze z takimi pomocnikami. :)

    Obie panny wyszły bardzo naturalnie w tej leśnej scenerii. :)

  2. What a beautiful photo session! And the dolls are fabulous, I love their looks and outfits very much :-). Your family seemed to enjoy the photo shoot as well :-)!

  3. Świetne stylizacje i piękne zdjęcia na łonie natury :)

  4. idealnie wpasowałaś się w klimaty folk!