Wednesday, June 6, 2018

My doll No 152

Here we go again...
what would you do if you accidentaly stumbled uppon a doll which is:

mixed race
has purple hair
has purple hair
is vintage
is articulated
fully dressed 
and perfectly 80's...

Exactly - this is how I purchased this beauty on ebay - welcome

SHANA of Jem and Holograms' DRUMMER <3

and crappy ebay pic...

I think I waited almost for an year to finally have time to open the parcel she came in (the queue was rather long I must say...)

very interesting packaging;-)

you cannot see how dirty her face was...

Her body is awesome (compared to plastic fashionistas), her curvy legs and articulated wrists are total winners...yet I never regretted selling these platinum Danse and Jem...

As you can see immediately - she comes with a bonus
1988 Feeling Fun denim and lace Barbie - my absolute holy Graale of childhood...

Jem and Holograms pages except of revealing her character's name gave me 2 editions to consider...

First 1986 edition in silver and pink with no earrings...

yep - 1987 pink and sapphire are heaven! no holes in the ears of mine yet neither the instrument nor do the clothes... hmmm

Top is from first edition Aja...

yet guitar seems to be Pizzazz instrument (neon green hair from Misfits) I hardly found on this sub-page (knock yourselves out but be considerate <3 

So my character, Shana, is absolutely fab, I couldn't be more happy ...just look at her in the original cartoon... child of the 80'sis soo delighted!

...and I'm not gonna lie that 2013 Integrity reedition dolls are not cool at all;-)

oh well...
Let's appreciate my doll now fully <3

 this face sculpt is a killer!

 that is amazing articulation... I wish my Darcy had her body in order...

 ...soaking, relaxing all those years later...waiting for inspiration....



  1. och! szczerze Ci zazdroszczę Schany!
    kocham jemki miłością absolutną!!!

    ponadto - Shana w wersji integritkowej
    jest jedyną jemką, której pożądam :)))

    1. Szaleniem zauroczona tym przypadkiem.
      Cialko pierwsza kalsa, kolorystycznie cud...i mold Brodkowny hahaha