Tuesday, June 26, 2018

My doll No 153

Today I wanted to introduce one lovely doll!
You know whats my favorite category already
 - tanned / mixed race
- dark hair
- brown eyes
- red lipstick...

  knock knock, how's there
 the best lips in the business
 ...hair not so much:-(

This one holds proudly on her neck anchor a very desirable head-mold.
I still haven't got chance to purchase gorgeous collectible edition of this sculpt, but here she is

The Original Ana Suarez, Generation Girl doll!

Another bad description so i snatched her cheap on 22.06.17 (dear diary). She came in this very summery dress which i learnt to like with time (and it's genuine Mattel;-)

I introduce this fab line before in my entries on Nichelle, Tori and Chelsea (still no Mari :-( ).

Ana Suarez was born in Mexico City, Mexico, and now lives in an apartment in the Washington Heights area (Spanish Harlem) of New York. If you want to read more stereotypical b***t please go to Generation Girl wiki:-)

Her first edition doll is made to be early 2000 (ok 1998) most techno/meta hip-hop sporty. I hate it and only want to embrace her Mexican side;-) Yet I really how simple her look is...

here she is as new...I wish mine's hair were so sleek...

She has a lovely green-eyed edition with this amazing and full of accessories room/dorm playset!

don't even get me started on 2000 Mattel

Here is my girl with refreshed hair, take one - very much no perfect!
but very photogenic...

Here she is just for fun with my other dolls with this face. One of my fav things to do! Look at the these varieties and what a difference colour combination can do...

.... while I am still working on restyling mine - please have a look at 'The Other' doll from Generation Girl line using this mold - Lara.
(She is lovely...so one day....)

1998, 1st edition - artsy pants she is...

Dance Party edition - so bohemian <3

2000, My Room


p.s. update from the future - Ana and her love for vintage...

...photography (and reunion with an old old friend;-)



  1. She is very pretty. I do own the whole set. I had purchased them new for my daughter, but now they are mine! Glad I hung on to all of them. I even have the Generations Blaine doll!

    1. oh well done!
      I don't remember them at all being in the store

  2. przywodzi mi na myśl Pocę :)