Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sunset Blvd Skipper

Today something to brighten up your still long and dark winter days - one pompei red room in
sunset light; or my lucky restyled Skipper(s) all grown up and living in nice temporary diorama! (don't tell her that!)

here she is - my rebel, ico on fire in her ebay outfit

 she is better now, calm and ready for changes..

so hot...

maybe some cool comfy grays

...and my lace day to night skirt gets fancier...

Later her perfectely copper sister joins in...

and soon gets inspired to redress in sugarplum sunny outfit:

ohhh, togethernes and sisterhood (ANd hail to the mold comparsions)



  1. Kocica wspaniała!
    uroczy kącik Jej sprawiłaś -
    fajan ta ebayowa sukienusia...