Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Rockers & Tuesday (167-9)

Ok Ok no more bundles, stinky Superstars but hey - you cannot pass a good business and oportunity...
and they arrived on Polish Independence day (2017) - good sign!

you need to pay your respect to original Rockers dolls - always!
never to miss vintage AA doll

if it comes with a rare vintage head you wanted for a while - Tuesday Taylor by Ideal

Tuesday reference:


So happy I got myself The Other DeeDee and (accidentay) the Superstar Rockers Barbie with heavy make-up...that asks for a session!!!

(not my dolls) fab pic from the Polish collector's blog

so here is my puffy smelly parcell:

I have been strong enough to let go of the broked vintge bodies

This poor crazy eyed one was going to become some kind of Bambi and forest critter...but I had to get rid of all the extras during my (dramatic) move...


 My Rockstar has chopped hair but it only exoses her face better (No 167)

and she kept her original body which was made at Philiphines, nice:-)

 DeeDees legs god decoloured patches, but hey...

She is a beauty (No 168), love her natural make-up and so happy to have her lilac sister in crime as well <3

but I cannot lie Tuesday (No 169) has not stollen my heart colpletely...

make-up applied by hand... and tone of potential <3

She has one of the best sculpts I have ever seen and is an absolut embodiment of 70's beauty - I dare to say - even better than Darcy...

she has had most amazing fashions, playsets and friends, oh!
Tuesday's estate (how cleaver!!!):

Tuesday Taylor, Tiffany Taylor and Tusday Jones:

here is afeature from the future;-)  /see what I didi tehre...
happy, reanimated andrestylet TT:

with lots of fun!

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  1. Dee Dee zwany te┼╝ Kartofelkiem DO SCHRUPANIA
    Tuedsey Taylor to klasa sama w sobie, wiadomo ♥