Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Update and various doll-activities, uffff (90 & 91)

Well, as you may know doll collecting is definitely NOT all about fancy accessories, posing and outdoor sessions... there is really a lot of parcel handling, soaking and conditioner rinsing with some frenetic brushing undertones;-)



..and such...
today I soak and restyle two dolls of my summer holiday eBay parcel...

Nr 90 is this modest Superstar with pastel pink make-up and straight hair. She makes me very sentimental. I managed to identify her as Fashion Play 1988 (my nr 90), and the dress definitely rings the bell...

There she is on arrival and when brand new...

She still is not fully redressed as I kind of enjoy her is this saltine morning coat and hair on curlers. She has quite a nice time like that with the one and only Peaches and Cream...
 so rosy and peachy
so delicate and timid:-) 

"Oh to wear such a dress one day..."
My nr 91 is unbelievable desirable doll from my era...
characteristic yet confusing green-triangle-eyed - Western fun 1990
She came matted and tired... fluorescent doll fashion is still going strong and she is back to life and kicking!

and us three;-)
here she is in her golden age:
(I can't even <3)

and here is a good use I've made of busy pants and shocking yellow MtM top.
She looks fit and happy!
Simple MyScene jewelry, BHF stash watch, mint green handbag and tong-in-a-cheek purple cowboy boots;-)

 I got carried away even more...

ohh how I love NOT to collect Superstars;-)
dreams do come true!

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  1. I can see your dolls are enjoying their spa day! You have given them a new lease on life! Can't wait to see Fashion Play with her hair done and all dressed up!

  2. super pierwsza fotka z ciekawą niunią
    i portret jakby od niechcenia w lustrze

    1. zywa lala w zadziwiajacy sposob nie porzada nawet lalek mamy - z amalo platynowe...;)