Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My dolls nr 93

Christmas in May hell yeah!

My doll No 93 is a spontaneous eBay win - I spotted a bargain, I love 1990 Christie sculpt - I conquered... and don't regret at all. She has an interesting skin tone, unusual medium brown wavy hair and lovely green studs. She has crazy white rubber legs as well but that can be easily covered with clothes;-)

Welcome my Holiday Season Christie 1996

amazing shoes by the way, I wish they survived...

 she arrived in genuine Mattel pastel dress with a frill and print intimating texture of denim...
 Originally she had an updo and massive, date fringe which was covering most of her eyes...  she has a nice, simple (for her age) make-up, lots of blush which i love on AA dolls and red lips, yes!
 legs go something like this...
 ...and just enough of green eye shadow which is always a good thing:-)
Her skin and hair colour is really unique - here she is in comparison with Tropical Splash
eye make-up is basically identical in a way

and now for spam section - different stages of 'owning' her...

 this is what I call a handsome woman:-)

oh I guess her redressed will have to happen later;-)

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  1. bardzo mi się ostatnia fotka podoba!

  2. Ileż Ty masz pięknych, ciemnoskórych lalek! No szał po prostu :O Nasycić oczu nimi nie mogę!