Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Emerald - this should be her new name... My poor hollywood nails Barbie finally got her full spa and visit at the dressmaker. I decided to follow her original theme and colour scheme - Emerald and deep Aqua to Khaki...
It's been a lot of fun selecting fabrics, thinking what to make from them and changing my mind a lot:-)
I had no elastic fabrics or overlock machine to come close enough to  the original so she went her own way a lot...

 I had this streatchy tulle but it didn't work... my icelandic wool did however:-)
 here are all the options + sequined belt;-)
woolly part went in its own direction - a circle with a frill and two holes ;-)

 love these colours...

 she seems to be rather happy about this roro-transformation:-)
 version with comfy country-living cords seems to work the best in the end...


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  1. emeraldowe spodnie zachwyciƂy mnie!

    1. sie ciesze...to byla szybka pilka / krojenie w powietrzu, dla lalka syna ale niezaakceptowal;-) nie iwem czy zdolam powtorzyc