Sunday, September 3, 2017

My Dolls. No 115

..and then I spotted yet another bargain... four dressed Fashionistas, three girls on articulated bodies...
One of them was Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Raquelle Doll...

with the whole crew 2013

not only I love her grin, brown eyes with indigo makeup and raven black hair... she has fab articulated body and I once missed her on-line...

someone at least made an effort to pose these for eBay pics:-)

I still, up to this day, don't own any other doll of her character... the glam eylashed edition is fab, but this quirky girl is more fun!

This is how she looked as new:

 she is quite a character compared to sweet Barbie girl 
but you can't deny she has better taste in clothes... I want the alllll!!:-(
(and her brother Ryan, oh my!)
Glam Lux Look something something

..SO, interestingly she came in a cereal box...

revealing collection of shoe fashions...

and genuine dresses (red boxed doll edition, and new Teresa's one I am still trying to sell)...

Rachel obviously thinks these blonde dolls are silly... (that's who heads went to new homes, articulated wrist one in with Beyond Pink Teresa and randez-vous cocky Ken is tortured by my kids)...

She had to spent  almost 10 months in a box again in order to get her make-over...(yes, I am to strict with queuing but mainly get dolls too often...)
...but instead she got series of portraits and close-up with messy and freshly washed hair...
 to my surprise she photographs as a gentle and pretty brunette - not at all loud and cheaky as I perceived her after seeing other peoples takes on her. Interesting...
 mainly because she is nude, I guess...

 lovely colouring and fab, realistic profile..
 <3 eyelashes<3
 here she is cleaned, with her hair washed and combed... true mermaid <3

 oh well, and some benzacne moments in the sun...
can't wait!!

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  1. Śliczna, zalotna, kokieteryjna i radosna lalka :) Bardzo lubię roześmiane lalki :) Oby plamka zeszła. Naprawdę, Rachel ma potencjał w sobie :)

  2. więcej w Niej optymizmu niźli w Barbie :)

    jestem szczęśliwą posiadaczką Summer w
    tęczowej sukienusi, tyle, że u mnie już
    się ciut zaokrągliła jako panienka PLUS

    1. haha, no tak, troche juz minelo od ostatnej edycji serialu;-)