Friday, September 15, 2017

My Dolls. No 118

Since I opened my heart for contemporary BarbieEvolution dolls /of colour/ I had to have one of the best ones from last year's edition - Fashionista No 25 BLUE BROCADE with unusually dark skin, fab Grace face sculpt, contemporary hairdo...
oh and tasteful dress and black flat shoes!

Probably somebody's unwanted gift as I got her for less than in a shop, including shipping...

She came few days later in a nice sarcophagus... 

to my surprise she has been sent in somebody-else original barbie box;-)
 that was fun;-)

in a bag within a box was her - all in blues against the blue carrier;-)
with her fab shoes, oldschool Barbbe earrings and the best black and aubergine curly /natural updo...
her tiger / sunny /amber eyes are mesmerising against the dark skin and bright jewelry!

Her well documented on-line petite body is completely stiff but I love how small her boobs are and how more naturally full her thighs are<3

Here is a quick new bodies comparison from, doll sewing blog:


The turquoise of her dangles inspired me to make quite a few summery, colourful pictures...
...another sneak peek from far future:-)
 punk white and turquoise - suddenly I'm loving it, LOL!

here she is restyled, in one more fruit-salad style outfit;-) sorry shuch a great character is stuck on stiff and short body...

<3 <3 <3


  1. Uważam, że to jedna z ładniejszych lalek z tego wypustu fashionistek. Może upolujesz dla niej większe ciałko na przeszczep ☺ Ja to bym chętnie wszystkie na krągłe ciałka wsadziła ☺

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  3. na fotce z różowawym szaliczkiem
    jest tak rozbrajająco ludzka ♥

  4. Bardzo ładna. :) Dodatki i mi się podobają. Zwłaszcza wzór sukienki. Ale i Twoja wersja jest fajna.

  5. Bardzo fajnie wygląda po zmianie stylu. I jestem ciekawa tego pokoiku w którym znajduje się na ostatnim zdjęciu z koleżankami :)

    1. pokoik zmiennym jest ale udokumentowalam i bedzie kiedys post:-)
      Pare zajawek tu: