Friday, March 30, 2018

Tropical Duo

On a wave of affection caused by Hawaii Fun Miko purchase and tongue-in-cheek Ken's Hawaii shorts fraud... I could not stop myself from having this Tropical Fun / Hawaii Splash Vintage Ethnic moment LOL

Here is my Miko and Christie in mini messy end-of-winter holiday session;-)

 snatching beach fashions from everyone basically;-)
 oh the deer eyes and coral lips<3
 wait? do you know already how beautiful this Christie is LOL?

She met with her bestie in the botanical garden or was it at the edge of tropical jungle??

Miko borrowed sweatshirt from the Fashionista Ken, oh well...

 So pretty together!
These molds are makaing me super sentimental and happy
- probably more than Teresa and Superstar even...

 Finally outside...


..and now let's obsess a little bit about Miko's great lavender eye shadow, her great steel-grey eyes and amazing blinks! and have you seen this unusual single brown bottom eyelash!?

 This face sculpt is bloody phenomenal!!! Strong and delicate and soo 'Asian' <3

this girl has funny 'skin' and her hair line is questionable but she must be one of my favorites!


 While browsing my folders I stumbled upon few pics.. they do not make much of a story but what a lovely dolls these are!!! I wish I had more time...

Summer and Winter beauties<3

AA Mackie and #princesproblems...
Rapunzel and her hair - Summer edition LOL

(this is fab indigo eye-shadow duo... if with my Gap lady was deboxed;-)

super extra bonus... Rapunzel goes casual!



  1. Miko ma się u mnie dobrze, choć wciąż czeka na odpowiedni strój. ;)
    Super zdjęcia.

  2. mam tak straszliwy ban na lalki, ze hoho... milo nawet na samo imie popatrzec czy chocby 'stare' zdjecia....

  3. ciemnoskóra Roszpunka z moldem
    Macki to niebywały rarytas -
    istna Czarna Perła ♥ gratuluję!