Monday, April 8, 2019

MH bundle

Well hello, yes!
because why not!
and they are so colourful!
plus most of them are in original clothes and with shoes AND the Flytrap, Clawdeen and 'Egiptian' was on my chidren's wishlist, so hell yeah!

I had so much fun going through this parcel!!!
and yes!I have stolen a lot of shit but my kids dont need to know about it!

...and lets go down the memory line and celebrate how good most ofr MH were and how many quirky and fine details they gave us!

....full of promises...

and odd garments...

...but here she is...

great colour combo....earrings are everything...

translucent turtle bracelet <3

 I never knew the fins were detatcheble (obviously)

who's next?
Queen of icy stilettos and areola borealis inspired fashion...
resting bitch face siberian ho with claws...


I love everything about it
(but its immoral for my girl to have 3 editions;-) 

oh hello borring sister - you are so gerttng a makeover!

Who's that girl!?

the best electro-punk styling in the whole doll universe!

This is everything and seeing her upclose for the very first time - in her badass school uniform and bad bad girl makeup - how could I ever think she is borring and common doll...

and now.... to my third version of this beloved sad Vampire cutie....

sooooo loose in her hips tho...

This handsom face but and stiff limbs beaty goes back on ebay...

and now some more oldies but goodies... - festival Clawdeen

...and first time in my hands and very much so - straight from the box if you ask me:
soooo fierce Venus McFlytrap

so camp Idont even mind the disney eyes;-)

the best shoes an d clothes of them all
(but I promised her to kids....)

and the most beautiful and niversal canvas for repainters with natural skin colour xxx


p.s. purchased year ago so alllll good;-)

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