Monday, July 8, 2019

Redressing Integrity

Shockingly I managed to forget to publish one of my fav sessions from last year....

I rebodied my Christmas 2017 (?) head stash twin Integrity toys Jade sisters while ago (not even sure ifthey heve their numners) onto Holiday Moddel Muse doll corpses - pretencious and stiff...yet working very well with the blaise expression of this sculpt.

I always make- and dress-down my dolls /victims - here they are in casual eartly boho vintage attire:-)

I obviously meant to resell one of them but still can't decide - I'd rather keep one with the brown hair but the brunette one is so raven-dramatic!

Day and Night sisters I guess

(please excuse ad hoc non-edited pics)

poor girl - she is only able to gracefully lean on her bed due to serious heap malfunction;-)

The Raven of the Night sister:

she would definitely do with some contouring me thinks...oh well...


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