Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Vintage job lot vol 2

The second entry about my last April's vintage jumbo pack will focus on Benetton related items from 90s. As i mentioned in earlier posts about this line (here) and (here)- it was one of my childhoods Holly Grails and i only saw it irl rather recently - buying the barbie doll on boot-sale back in Norwich...

Ready for lots of plastic?

Good old times - made in Italy cause its Benetton!!!

Displays, stands, mannequins, adds...
stunning even now - and unimaginable in 80 when we had no stores like that!

just look at them! I love vintage Mattel illustrations!

i once had this actual Colour blue eau du toilette - very nice and unisex!

hanging rails

and in another package came assorted fashions - as I imagine not available outside this playset!

2 jackets, 3 t-shirts, 2 skirts are genuine for sure.... are 3 scarves and pink tights!

i later found that hats and trainers are part of it too
(a like yellow sunshade and white highchair 
and these pastel sunhats from other, rather elegant Barbie boutique....) it turns out i am missing very few things.
Set is just mesmerizing and i would play with it for hours!!!
(maybe i should actually mercifully get it out for my kids to play on lockdown..)

from what i can see - original hangers, bags or belts, flowery scarf is missing 
- orange and blue containers that i though are from some kitchen set are with  me as well...but i failed to match the dots...
(pink shelves are gone unfortunately)

,...this is someone elses take on the subject..

 I had an innocent play earlier this year...
its a hard hard work to set it up and go through all these options...
full foto session will be posted some other time ofc - here just few shots of my set-up:-)

 i had sooo much fun as you can tell...


BTW have you heart of all these Barbie and Skipper shops and stalls, Mein Gott!!
some of these would go so very well together..and they seem to be sharing same cash till and bottles...

p.s. there is also a whole line of fancy department store style counters with luxury 80s plastyky goods, ohhh '1982 Dreamstore'

i am honored to have leftovers such as  lilac and white hat, some cream containers, shawl and beret actually!