Saturday, April 11, 2020

Wedding Fair pt 2

Welcome to day twe of my Vintage Wedding Fair!

Mackie Rapunzel is the opening act:

Perfectly cut and taylored Mattel wedding fashion pack it was...

Next comes lovely Teresa presenting gorgeous luxurious tulle gown

 She is an ideal Latina edition of this sculpt <3

After lacy fashions modeled by Heart Mum it's time for my Midge:

 ..not sure if it's a facepalm or attempt in showing her wedding ring...

 ..this dress a lot...

Last but not least a humble big-eyed Christie in simple dress and veil

 She is so lovely!
and the clothes are my original childhood toys - i remember clearly coming from some swap...they might be Steffi or Diana's...

 and gypsophila edition <3

Cheasy vintage editing tool  perfect for this occasion...


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