Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bootsale rush

On 23.04.16 we had a bit of a crazy idea to go check out once again one car boot sale which is not neceserely near (if you ar enot going to the seaside) and whats worse, starts late - exactely when our son's Saturday Polish school;-)
We had to drive there and back between drop off an pick up times;-)
We haven't been exactly successful and additionally there was a sudden rainstorm...

 No luck with doll's interesting for me but in a crazy rush I have managed to eye two vintage looking dollies... I think it was already raining so it wasn't more than 50p per doll + 3 dresses for my daughter

I had a feeling and it is rather obvious now - it is original and vintage Skipper... hysterical undressing at parking lot... beautiful signatures:

dirty face and moldy outfit - partially original...

here she is after spa and with her team from 1983 

The second doll range the bell and after a blind date with google ('vintage doll with star eyes by Hasbro') or sth I came up with a result - I must have seen her in a catalog or even in a shop (I can imagine the smell...)

She is part of MoonDreamers series... her name is Blinkie...
Her hair are powder pink and a bit stiff but turns out they glow in the dark!!!! true 80's magic by Hasbro <3

here is the official promo material 1986:

 so bad so good...

 I think she went into a great hands (postal address was some kind of school tho;-)

The last doll is my second Moxie girl - a pale and green eyed Lexa it seems.. 50 p as usually and original dress it seems feet still there:-)
Really lovely face - hypnotizing eyes and amazing realistic lips - body says - "better give me to your daughter"...

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  1. pastelowa Blinkie ma ujmujący pysiałek!
    a w gromadce małolat - wyglądają niczym
    nieletnie przyszłe piosenkarki Holograms :)