Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Doll nr 49

In late April 2016 I had a pleasure to purchase these lovely traditional Mattel black dolls on eBay.

Handsome looking parcel /a bit squished but dolls were bagged/:
 pikaboo - amber coloured eyes and turquoise studs <3...

Wonderful Shani and Christie faces.

Turquoise earring made her easy to identify as Florida Vacation Christie 1998.

despite my hopes Shanties are exactly the same...
but somewhat not really which always amazes me and entertains...

both made in Indonesia but even fonts are different
Scratches and wears are so much more visible on darker plastic...
distribution of brown streaks is different too

At some point I had three similar dolls - was strong enough to sell the excess ...
Which I slightly regret seeing wonderful session and ooaks by Simran:

from Simran's blog

Simran's stilisation

This is my first doll with this mold and i am a bit confused as she looks mature and asks for clothes more classy than I am able (time wise essp.) able to create...


This is how doll looked in her swimsuit + glasses in company of her friends:

Teresa has Mackie mold here and she wears purple - interesting

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  1. mamma mia zielona pietruszka!
    aż trzy niesamowicie śliczne
    niunie!!! spotkałam różne na
    tę twarz określenia "shani",
    "nichelle" - nazwa jest niczym
    wobec tej ujmującej urody!!!

  2. dzialo sie dzialo..ale bylam dzielna;-)