Friday, October 28, 2016

My dolls - nr 50

Mini blog anniversary again:-)
I'm not even confused about the number being 'too high' for strangers - its still pretty decent for a collector me thinks...

It turns out the anniversary girl will be proper vintage, classic Mattel and first of all 'black' doll!

No research for this one - one of the most characteristic lines - like beach and mermaid doll all in one, meet my  Splash&Colour Christie 1998 /its a bit disturbing tho she was made 2 years before millenium - feels so dated LOL/

She came with the Florida Shani twins

Portrait on the day of arrival /lots of purple hues here)
 amazing cherry lipstick combined with lavender and blue eyes design
and a signature:

This is how she looked as brand new and shiny:

While refreshing her I decided to remove (cut and hide) her fringe - its massive and dated... 'my little pony' silver foil streaks were very worn out, tangled and looked more like a gray hair the decision was quite easy - I removed most of them too.
Doll is unfortunately made in China and it really makes a difference. Her head is made of such a soft rubber it barely can take the weight of her long hair...

wet wet wet

I was a bit confused about how to style her but cold foggy nights came...and you will see.

Here is a snick peek with her hair to the back, mint green streak separated and blue streak curled a bit <3

She has some lovely friends from her line:

 I've held this Barbie few bootsales ago but did not give in LOL but 'the brunettes' are delicious!


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  1. panienki z pasemkami seledynowo
    lawendowymi chętnie bym nie tylko
    gościła u siebie - pięknoty na 102!