Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Charity shop find 5

Althou the doll is long gone I wan't to 'pay respect' so to speak...
I can't remeber anymore where I have been heading but I was alone (unusual) and I took other way than usually. Thanks to that finally had a chance to explore only seen from a far - Samaritanians charity shop. It was small but very bright and tidy - boutique more than a smelly second hand...
First glance to the left and there she is:

 Rapunzel Barbie 1997

Read enough blogs to know I have to save her from children's hands;-) Not only she had a cherished Mackie mold but also a very characteristic make-up as well as very fancy crown and clean genuine gown, even original gold hair elastics. In short - I wanted to play with her without being obliged to display etc... (I think i lost eBay auction with boxed AA one so it was a sign or sth).

It was a very great pleasure indeed - well attached but removable crown, seriously long hair but not in the best quality imo, removable gown which turned out to be separate...

Washing and brushing her hair was a nightmare - I wanted to refresh them for auction... it must have been physics...they have been tangling before i even finished to stroke on streak, hmm
All in all I am very happy with the final effect and really enjoyed photographing her - very graceful and well made princess...

 very well constructed and fitting dress

+ ring and simple studs

..and just for reference - the AA Rapunzel...
rather 'ethiopian' or even Alicia Keys kind of beauty...

by Kattis dolls


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  1. jasnowłosa zachwyca retrourokiem
    starych, sprawdzonych baśni - zaś
    etiopska Jej wersja - egzotyką kusi!