Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Adventures in rebodying - dolls 68 & 69

it this episode you will read about how I've turned in to a cold-blooded headhunter...i mean body hunter with several heads...

Case 1 is a seriously fair skinned, 2000s strawberry blonde /slightly ginger-as-an-excuse , and possibly ex-princes...None of my bodies matched and hollywood nails of Polish Barbie were obviously much more precious that this random head... which I pity tho...

One day fortunetelly in my super shabby local charity I stumbled uppon one hobbit bodied teresa-faced Barbie...not pretty not ugly - just not my style...

I always admire how coloration and makeup change a personality of a mold...

Thanks to her hairstyle and very blue eye-shadow I managed to 'rebrand' her as 70's Disco era styled Barbie head -(can't seem to find my 'promo' pics somehow).  Happily sold on ebay to someone ooaking hard:-) Guilt on purchasing the head and body for spares - anulated ;-P

Acne cream made wonders. The body was a hobbit type - just a lovely petite ginger friend of Barbie;-P

The second successful rebodying was Christie's from the same batch of heads.

With the green eyes and a streak of brown hair, fringe and medium length i first falsly identified her as a WNBA basketball player doll...

 pretty close but seriously...no earrings but hey - 
still the most reconisable Mattel lines - Pearl Beach Christie going roro...

After putting her hopeless hair on pipe cleaners  I've made final decisions about the body...
 I went for Disneys Tiana despite of her limbs being slightly greenish - 
her torso is a great match and hands have nice articulation:

one happy beach doll almost 20 years later;-)

 here she is trying to work out her new afro;)

she is kind of petite on this slightly more lean body:-)
and she photographs sooooo well!

articulation changes everything...



  1. Both of these girls have been given a new life with their new bodies and hair styles. What is a "Hobbit" body??

  2. apparently it is collectors/internauts name for a 2010s i guess kind of body - shorter body bigger head era...it has different 'hips solution', a bit like HighSchool Musical dolls in a way..