Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Catcher in the Rye

...well not really but surely a hard core veggie patch folklore extravaganza!

I love my fair-skinned Superstar Dolls of the World - Miss Austria and Miss Poland...
...great quality materials, amazing natural makeup, nice details on costumes... - but the thought budded in my mind and i decided to execute them - I will free these dolls from their folk costumes and give them the option of being a modern girl..

Before that would happen I wanted to immortalize /digitalise? them in this idyllic and stereotypically ethnographic and pastoral photo shoot (Summer 2016):

being pretty in flowers, currants and potatoes:

no wine from this vine,,,


 and together...

playing hide and seek in strawberries (ha!)
and relaxing with daisies
other folk circumstances

 to be continued in more contemporary style...

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  1. kocham F♥LK!

    świetne zestawienie
    z pasiastymi dekorami!