Monday, January 9, 2017

Bank holiday bootsale (29.05)

Ugghhhh - a massive one - you hav ebeen worned:

We went to one bootsale but I was unsatisfied not being able to find anyting for myself /not even to mention black dolls/. Not to leave empty handed I purchased a healthy looking Superstar in genuine 80/90 pink coat - only to resale it...when i was going to pack her, both me and seller paused but i said it loud - 'we shouldn't separate these two after so many years' hey - I have two dolls now /instead of one which i don't ever really want nor like  LOL;-)

some extras underneath
and a friend:
I've seen this dress somewhere...+ extras!
so bad so good

Hubby drove me to the other one, and oh lord...not only couldn't i believe my eyes - i barely could carry my backpack pretending there is not really a lot in there...

It started innocently with bending over a blanket and touching one of the toddler-preloved dolls... I love car boot etiquette and this charming English thing of being forced to ask ppl to give you money for your thrash LOL... so she have me auburn Moxie w/shoes and a singing lighting up yet nude Snow White.. what could i do...

Then quck stop to purchase Xena for £1 only to hold in hands a bionic woman once and re-sale...
the softest hair ever but oh dear...

Then I saw some red dolls hair already packed in a locked plastic box...wanted to check it out - it was Ariel but I was cheeky enough to dig a there you go - unknown doll with nice hair /for resale/ and oh my god! Black Fashionista with missing palm and split leg LOL...they were 20 p each so what could i do LOL /Fashionista!!/... she said; 'I'm sorry all teh better ones are already gone' aaaaaaa 
very realistic sculpt - can't wait to work with her!

and the other one...
 useless bosy but interesting face /great colouring...

Oh  what next... basically three boxes of Barbies of expensive and very well dressed ones, some uninteresting ones half-nude for £2 and others for 1 or something...I really wanted to buy something from this hell on earth full of worn out caucasian dolls... resisted teen Skipper but found an unusual articulated one...
confusing clicking mechanism, flat feet i adore after my AA gymnast and a very graceful hands...
...and contemporary take on Superstar sculpt

Then i'm really rushing, going back to the carpark...only to discover one more extra bank holiday my surprise I meet a Polish woman i met few weeks earlier at some craft fair...barely noticed as she had one single worn out classic looking doll sticking out from like piles of stuff... - really had to save this last one too...


and tout le monde!
what a day it was...identification post coming up next...


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  1. Xena ma minę, jakby xenna
    jednak nie zadziałała :)
    ale trzeba przyznać - robi
    wrażenie nieustraszonej -
    nie zamknęłabym drzwi takiej
    Wojowniczce - lubię nietypowe
    postaci - niekoniecznie w odbiorze
    potocznym odbierane jako ładne ;P

  2. Poszla w swiat, ale ciekawe doswiadczenie - swietne wlosy i realistyczny malunek!