Friday, August 11, 2017

My dolls - No. 112

The time has come to debox and present one of my few brand new and contemporary dolls...
I spotted a bargain deal on eBay and a doll ticking all of my dolly favs:
- red lips
- brown eyes
- (at least) tanned / mixed race skin tone
- two-coloured brown hair
as well as some extras:
- face sculpt new to my collection
- or gorgeous Goddes mold
- new, exciting curvy type of body
(and tasteful clothes with cool shoes;-)

here she is on arrival (with a fab doll from the next post). Too much joy but I managed not to dilute it I guess:

Here she is Fashionista nr 32 'Dolled up Denim' (2015) freed from her bubble wrap...After Neko with bangs and red lips;-) she is only my 2nd Fashionista (and 2nd Goddess) on board...
Fab face which will have to wait for playtime and redressing for almost 10 months! 
(not sure if my doll morale is from steal or rubber LOL)
last few from unboxing at sunset...

breathing fresh air again....
close-up of secured shoes 
 messy box hair...
visiting her new /temporary accomodation
 feeling like laying down after all this excitement...

Few quick fashion decisions...
 swapping the bags, getting rid of good girl's white blouse...
 and she is ready to go!
more fashion play and restyling later than sooner ;-)


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  1. szczerze Ci zazdroszczę tej panienki PLUS!
    bardzo chcę Ją dorwać - póki co, bez szans...

  2. Uuu ja też na nią poluję ale bieda trafić. Potrzebuję dawcy ciała dla Mbili mojej ☺ Uwielbiam te puszyste lalki 😀