Sunday, August 27, 2017

My dolls: No 114

This one is a bit unusual but so very me.
What's special is that I bought her on local Gumtree. Very different feeling than the carboot bargain or eBay treasure hunt. I spent quite a while arranging the meeting... finally I met the seller at most central place in our town, Friday afternoon just before my shift as volunteer at supermarket's surplus food recycling and redistributing team (basically yummy vegan food served to whoever turns out:-)
The thrill of dealing on a main square and passing stuff and money in public places was best. the girl was quite young so I imagine she has been selling her toys from early 2000s. Ad you can see on picture bellow I fell for Teresa once again with a bundle of random stuff. She had everything just thrown into her handbag so few bits were missing but I couldn't care less...

Anyway - I don't have everything documented but brown ankle boots are one of my favs and you have seen them quite a few times as blast from the future;-)
Pastel see-through/sequined jacket is vintage and fabulously horrible; denims have Barbie tag, red and black top is actually Fashion avenue's as the lavender bag is from accessories set.
Jelly magenta wedged sandals are very similar, in not the same, to HollywoodNails shoes...

The doll itself is a lovely surprise actually. She kept her original jewelry - tiny crystal bead on nylon (perfectly tangled with her hair) and golden faceted studs.... it allowed me to identify her as Movie Star Teresa 2000... Very interesting specimen from the end of an era - twist and turn body with small head and classic mold, intense lipstick and quite simple and realistic eyes yet still an attempt to produce a glamorous fancy fashion doll...

I can live without stretchy dress, silver jacket, bag and body glitter for you, but at least would love to see the shoes

Here is my real life doll before spa - dry hair, dusty face edition...

Deep dark chocolate hair and very successful colour palette altogether indeed!

Spa was rather successful. She looks rather majestic on her tall TNT body...
I got sentimental, and however I sold my Very velvet, Hollywood Nails and Beyond Pink Teresa joined my latest love in mini session (which turned out to be rather big with lots of fashions changing which will make into a separate post in future)...

 fab fashionista top and Liv's denim. Delicate eye-shadow matching with outfit and lips...




  1. One wszystkie mają ten sam mold buzi? Wygladają jak siostry. Podobne z twarzy a jednak każda inna ☺

  2. Tak jest.
    Takie same ale inne, to uzaleznia...

  3. i choć lubię Tereski z grzywkami,
    Twoja Gorzka Czekolada też piękna!

  4. ja niby tez, ale brak grzywki tak pieknei podkresla jej tereskowatosc - wysokie czolo i kanciata rzuchwe :-)