Thursday, August 3, 2017

My Dolls, nr 110

Next doll is a totally impulse purchase... By incidence few days earlier I saw this collectible doll from 'Carnivals of the World' series. I was rather surprised to see her half-nude in played with condition on eBay, just like that. Very low price, tanned skin, curly hair, ethnic look - what could I do LOL
I guess description even mentioned 'Rio de Janeiro Carnival' but nothing happen and I was the only one interested person...

here she is on arrival...
rooted eyelashes, smiley face, happy eyes...
...and a tremendous amount of very curly hair...
she was in rather poor condition but I was curious of a collectible doll and a new mold, called Carnival (2003)... I'm not sure if I like her... a bit childish, round faced and too jolly...

Here she is as a new doll...

(her latest incarnation is articulated curvy The Look doll in vintage styled dress. Exciting yet I still am not convinced...)

...and here is my - chocolate smeared (i hope) pre-loved one...


Huge woven mattels label in her panties affected the metallic fabric. Glitter on her face and leg is chipping off. Skirt is not even opening... curls are so tiny and thick they are semi-felted dreads at this stage... so I removed glitter (with some eyebrow obviously;-), washed and soaked her hair in hope for a miracle... Can't decide what to do with lips as they are huge and shimmery...

Here are few close-ups and studies at different angles before I decide how to style/restyle this one:-)


p.s. sneak peak from future:

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  1. strasznie sympatyczna mordka!

  2. Replies
    1. nieee, fajnie Ją oswoiłaś
      tę brazylijską Królową :)

  3. Nawet deszcz jej nie przeszkadza. Po prostu jest teraz szczęśliwa 😉 Aż kipi radość z niej ☺

    1. Dzieki... naprawde zaczyna mi si epodobac choc pyzata z niej smieszka..