Saturday, August 19, 2017


Finally one (more) session and doll which is season appropriate... who cares pics are from last summer LOL
I thought I would break the mold (see what I did here) and will you Cali Barbie first... here she is the perfect sun kissed and tanned - possibly the best proper contemporary blonde in my collection...

I just realised I do own Teresa and (yet another most perfect) Lea from exact the same line... idea for yet another redressed dolls session... (hold your horses doll!).

Anyway - here she is enjoying Adriatic, Croatian adventure and some hike is Slovenian Alps.

...quick change of the clothes and countries...

 serious Barbie trekking shoes;-) in close-up and action...
a rest...

 and a proper accomplishment - over 1700 m above sea level:-)
belly bottom out 0 so stylish and practical;-)

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  1. Summer niczym Blondynka
    na Krańcu Świata :DDD

  2. ...i do tego platynowa i opalona..chyba mi slonce przygrzalo...

  3. Łał, to dopiero wycieczka. Opalona blondyna na szlaku ☺ A te buty... omnomnom... przydałyby się takie fajne buciory ☺ Interesująca sesja 😉

  4. Najfajneijsze buty zawsze wpadaja przypadkie, z pudlem trupkow (nie lekaj sie;-) )

    1. (takich buciorów mogłabym przyjąć wiele,
      wiele par - nawet bez plastikowych zwłok)